Camp Westminster 2020

2412 Lake Rockaway Rd, Conyers, GA 30012

To better accommodate the scheduling and work needs of the camp, MNA RV Ministry will be serving for a total of two weeks this year instead of one, but we don't expect you to serve the entire two weeks. If we can take a "tag-team" approach and each serve a week, we should be able to cover the time. If you would like to serve, please indicate which week you would like to attend. (If you would like to serve both weeks, that's great too! Gregg and Dee Noll will be leading the trip both weeks.)


In the past we have served at Camp Westminster prior to their normal camp season during staff training and when outside groups have used the facility. This year we will be at the camp during their first two weeks of the regular camping season, which will give us a much different experience seeing how the camp operates and allowing us to interact with the staff more.


The ladies will be helping out in the camp dining facility which has a  state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. The men will be doing general maintenance work, the specifics of which may change, but the current ideas are building horse runs in the pastures and doing exterior repairs and painting of a house on the camp property.


Camp Westminster provides a total of 3 full-hookup campsites for our use each week, and we will try to create our own group meeting area in the campground. All meals will be provided by the camp. To learn more about the camp, click here to visit the Camp Westminster website. Please sign up soon if you are interested, as space is very limited!

Mission to North America 

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